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Muratori Builders LLC All Phases of Construction

About Us

            Wayne Muratori spent his childhood in Fairfield, Connecticut begging wood scraps and bent nails from carpenters on different building sites. He admired the homes they built and then created fantasy tree houses inspired by them.  Interned to master carpenters from the age of fifteen, Wayne learned the secrets and skills from another generation of artists, craftsmen who proudly built “from scratch” with their own hands. In 1975 Wayne earned the title of master carpenter and founded Muratori Builders. For thirty-five years Wayne has built people their dreams and along the way has built his own impeccable reputation as a master builder.

            Under Wayne’s tutelage, his son Kurt Muratori is now a master carpenter in his own right. Together Wayne and Kurt ensure hands-on expertise. The company works on two to four projects a year, depending upon range and size, in the New Haven, Litchfield, and Fairfield counties. We will not take on more work than we can handle because that would not allow us to deliver the service and quality we provide, which ensures customer satisfaction. Muratori Builders is a customer-focused company that is sensitive to the “emotional rollercoaster” of building your own home. We make sure that the transitions from each phase—design, purchase, selections, construction, and warranty service—are handled smoothly and without stress.  We keep customers happy by following the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

            Muratori Builders will work with your architects or on original designs and concepts developed over their years of experience. If you are looking for true custom work built by hands-on experts, Muratori Builders will provide the craftsmanship and help you create your dream home.

Mission Statement:  To collaborate with our customers to build and deliver in a timely fashion quality crafted homes in an efficient environment of open communication, trust and integrity.


Muratori Builders LLC
1781 Georges Hill Road
Southbury, CT 06488

Phone/Fax: 203.262.6206
Cell: 203.650.2334

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